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  • 1. How does HOHOJO work?

    HOHOJO is a global rental marketplace for all types of properties, we offer board ranges of spaces including accommodation and working spaces for users to select, we connect landlords and tenants directly thru our secured conversation platform, we even create a payment platform - HOHOPAY for users to settle their rental payment online.

  • 2. What is HOHOPAY?

    HOHOPAY is a payment platform for landlords and tenants to settle their payment online.

    Once the rental offer is mutually confirmed by landlord and tenant, tenant can select their payment actions, currently we support the following payments* via HOHOPAY: (1) Initial Deposit, (2) Further Deposit, (3) First Month Rental and (4) Scheduled Rental Payment. The actual amount paid shall be in accordance with the confirmed offer letter.

    HOHOJO charges host a 4.9% service fees every time the transaction is completed via HOHOPAY

  • 3. What is “Popular Cities”?

    "Popular Cities” is an interesting idea to introduce HOHOJO community about the neighborhood with recommended listings of 30 major cities worldwide. If you are planning for a trip, you definitely can’t miss “Popular Cities”!!

    Currently, not all the cities are included in the “Popular Cities”, but we will explore more in the meantime. If you have any ideas about your city that would like to share with our community, please contact us

  • 4. What is “Add to Favorite”?

    “Add to Favorite” is something like a clipboard; you can save any listings that you are interested in if you don’t want to forget them. To add a listing to “My Favorite”, simply click on the heart in the search result pages or in the listing detail page.

  • 5. How can I contact HOHOJO?

    For matters regarding booking a reservation, the best person to contact is always your host or guest; please contact them via HOHOJO conversation platform. For matters regarding registration, searching or profile settings, you can find the immediate reply in Help.

    We also provide designated customer services support, please contact us here.

    In case of danger or emergency; please contact your local authority immediately!

User Account Settings
  • 1. How to sign up with HOHOJO?

    Signing up and creating a HOHOJO account is absolutely free of charge

    You may use email address or Facebook to sign up. The easiest way is to connect HOHOJO account with Facebook, and our system will automatically fill out some information in your profile.

    If you don’t want to connect with Facebook, you can register an account with your email address instead.

  • 2. What is email validation?

    When users sign up with HOHOJO by email, they will receive an email for validation, this is to ensure that all users have submitted a valid email address and you are able to receive notifications from potential tenants.

  • 3. Why can't I receive the validation e-mail after my registration?

    This could be due to invalid e-mail address, or maybe the mail was filtered to the "Trash Box", or your mailbox has been filled up. If you haven’t received the validation e-mail from us after several hours of registration, please contact HOHOJO.

  • 4. What shall I do if I forgot password?

    If you forgot your password and cannot login to HOHOJO, please click “Forgot Password”, we will then send a new password URL to you.

  • 5. How to reset password?

    Due to security reason, we recommend user to change their password on a regular basis. To reset password, after login, please click your name at the top bar of any HOHOJO page, then head to Dashboard > User Account to reset password.

  • 6. What is Dashboard?

    Dashboard is the summary page of your HOHOJO account; it shows you any important alerts and acts as a gateway to navigating your account. You can reach Dashboard by clicking your user name at the top bar of any HOHOJO page.

  • 7. If I sign up with my Facebook account, what kind of information will be shown on HOHOJO?

    If you sign up by connecting with your Facebook account, this is used as an alternative to an email registration and we will only show basic information including your Facebook name and profile picture on HOHOJO, no other personal information from your Facebook will appear on HOHOJO.

  • 8. What would happen if HOHOJO cancels or terminates my account?

    If HOHOJO suspend, deactivate, terminate or cancel your account, the following may occur with or without prior notice to you.

    1) Your account will be suspended or deactivated, your password will be disabled and you will not be able to access our platform your account including any listing(s).
    2) Any message(s), booking(s), including pending, accepted or confirmed booking(s) will be immediately terminated;
    3) In certain circumstances, we may communicate to other HOHOJO users about the cancellation of the booking(s);
    4) We may refund to hosts or guests in full for any or all pending, accepted or confirmed reservations, irrespective of preexisting cancellation policies.
    5) We may contact any guests about potential alternate accommodations that may be available on the platform
    6) You will not be entitled to any compensation for pending, accepted or confirmed reservations that were cancelled as a result of a suspension, deactivation or termination of your HOHOJO account.

  • 9. How to amend email address after signing up?

    f you wish to amend your login email, after login, please click your name at the top bar of any HOHOJO page, then head to Dashboard > Profile to reset email.