HOHOJO is a global rental marketplace directly connecting tenants with landlords to make an offer and even pay rent online. It cuts through old-fashioned market practices and does away with the agency and their fee. The rental experience will never be the same again.

Think Rent – Think HOHOJO
Whether you are looking for a short stay in San Francisco, work relocation to London, a bigger home for your growing family in Tokyo, vacation travel to Barcelona, flexible space for new ventures in Beijing, an industrial unit for a huge work space in Melbourne or an A grade office in the heart of New York, HOHOJO will be there to look after you. HOHOJO in Chinese literally means “Good Good Rentals.” We believe choosing the right space will lead to the right mind i.e. harmony, love, happiness, success, creativity and memories.

Right Space – Right Mind
Headquartered in Hong Kong - one of the most vigorous cities in the world and a place we see great opportunities to base in - we are something bigger and more effective than the existing practice and are exploiting the limitless potential of globalization to create a global rental marketplace that is synthesized across all cultures.