Why list with HOHOJO?

Free to list

you are free to post your space on HOHOJO, where you will attract millions of potential users without any cost!

Self management

once your listing got is posted, you are free to update or edit the listing's content at anytime.

Multiple listings

you can manage multiple listings under just 1 account!

Free Photos

one of our professional photographers will visit your space to take amazing photos at no charge.

Language and Currency

we support up to 10 languages and 32 listing currencies, connecting you with worldwide users.


Get instant notification when your potential tenants reach out to you.

Listing a Space...
How it works - As a landlord

Let everyone know how gorgeous your space is

It is easy to post listing with HOHOJO. Simply click “List A Space” button which you can find it at the right top corner in every HOHOJO webpage. Clicking the button will bring you to form where you can enter some basic info, your listing will not go online until everything is ready.

*HOHOTIPS: Struggling on how to take gorgeous pictures? Check out the free ”HOHOJO Photography Service.”

Communicate with potential tenants

You will receive tenants enquiries when your space get listed online, HOHOJO online platform enables you to have direct contact with tenants, together with e-Alert service, you won’t miss out any potential tenants!

Simplest way to collect rent

Eureka! You have found your tenant! It’s time to think about how to manage your rental payments. We suggest you and your tenant schedule rental payments via HOHOPAY. Why? Because collecting rent has never been easier! How to receive rental payment via HOHOPAY?

1) Tenant will search for their right space @ HOHOJO

2) Receive inquiries from potential tenants

3) Receive an “Offer Letter” from potential tenants, if you are satisfied with all the terms and pricing in the “Offer Letter”, simply click the “Accept” button to confirm the offer, if not, you are free to amend any terms in the “Offer Letter” by making a “Counter Offer” to your potential tenant.
*Please note that each offer shall remain valid for 7 days only

4) Confirmed the offer via HOHOJO by both parties.

5) Once the offer is mutually confirmed by both parties, tenant can select their payment actions, currently we support the following payments* via HOHOPAY: (1) Initial Deposit, (2) Further Deposit, (3) First Month Rental and (4) Scheduled Rental Payment. The actual amount paid shall be in accordance with the confirmed offer letter.
*(HOHOJO charges host a 3 to 4% service fees every time the transaction is completed via HOHOPAY)

6) HOHOPAY will inform you once the tenant’s payment is collected and HOHOPAY will transfer the money to you in 3 to 5 days, however, it may take up to 5 to 7 days for the balance to appear on your bank account, depending on your bank.