Why find the right space on HOHOJO?

Worldwide Listings

Landlords can list for free on HOHOJO, that’s why we attract worldwide hosts to post their spaces here.

Easy Searching

Searching with HOHOJO is really easy, just enter the location and you will find the available spaces.

Quality Listings

We accept only the best listings so you are sure to find just the right space for your needs.

Direct Contact

If you have any doubts or questions, you can contact your landlords directly via our online conversation platform.

Pay rent by Credit Card

Our online payment gateway HOHOPAY allows you to schedule rental payments online, plus, you can pay rent by your credit card to earn rewards!


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Finding a Space...
How it works - As a tenant

Find your right space

First, select the type of spaces that you are looking for, we currently offer 3 kinds of spaces, they are

  • spaces to live,
  • spaces for work and
  • spaces to travel.

    Ready? Let’s get started!

  • Message landlords for enquiry

    Congratulation! You have found your right space! The next step is to contact your landlord, simply click the “Contact Landlord” button and ask questions you are concerned about and confirmed every detail when you are in doubts. Don’t be afraid to ask questions whenever necessary, remember: Communication is always the key!

    Online Negotiation!

    We suggest you and your landlord to settle rental payments via HOHOPAY. Because paying rent is just got simple! You can schedule your rental payments online, plus, you can use your credit card for payment, meaning you can earn more with no charge!

    How to settle payment via HOHOPAY?

  • Tenants search for their right space @HOHOJO
  • Make inquiries to landlords
  • If you would like to have further negotiation with the landlord, click “Make an Offer” button to send an “Offer Letter”. The offer letter contains detailed rental information such as “Monthly Rent”, “Tenancy Terms”, etc.
  • Landlord will review the Offer Letter, and they are free to amend any terms in the Offer Letter, we call it a counter offer. When a Landlord sent a counter offer to you, the previous offer shall be voided immediately, and you can (1) accept the counter offer or (2) amend the terms in the counter offer and send it back to landlord, i.e. making a new counter offer, and the first counter offer will be voided immediately.
    * Please note that each offer shall remain valid for 7 days only.
  • Confirmed the offer via HOHOJO by both parties.
  • Once the offer is mutually confirmed by both parties, tenant can select their payment actions, currently we support the following payments*: (a) Initial Deposit, (b) Further Deposit, (c) First Month Rental and (d) Scheduled Rental Payment. The actual amount paid shall be in accordance with the confirmed offer letter.
    *(HOHOJO charges host a 3 to 4% service fees every time the transaction is completed via HOHOPAY)
    Of course there are alternatives; it’s perfectly ok if you and your landlord decided to settle rental payment at your own wish.