Why host?

User Profile

Before accepting a booking, you can first learn more about your potential guests by browsing their profile or even chatting with them via our online platform.

Accept or Decline…
at your own wish

You are the one who can approve or decline any booking request.

Free to list

Post your "To Travel" listing at HOHOJO for free. We will only collect 3% from your booking fees per every successful booking.

1 click listing…

Once your listing is posted online, we will keep it posted until you decide to remove it.

Secured online transaction

By using our online payment gateway – HOHOPAY – you don’t have to worry about payment; just leave it to us, we will ensure you get paid on-time, every time.

Multiple listings

You can manage multiple listings under just 1 account!

HOHOTeam Support

Our HOHOJO designated customer service team is ready for your inquiry. Just click on the chat box in the lower-right hand side of the homepage to start talking with us right away.

Cancellation policies

We offer 3 different cancellation policies for you to select from, providing you with maximum flexibility.

Language and Currency

we support up to 10 languages and 32 listing currencies, connecting you with worldwide users.

Free photography

One of our professional photographers will visit your space to take amazing photos at no charge.

Instant communication

Message guests and accept reservations wherever and whenever you want!


You can build up your reputation through the HOHOJO review system.

Publicized your listing

Share your listing via Facebook, Twitter and/or LinkedIn in just 1 click.


Manage your bookings and reservations effortlessly.


Get instant notification when your potential guests reach out to you.

List any space

No matter if you have a spare room, a spare boat or a spare castle, you can post them here.

Flexible pricing

Feel free to adjust your pricing, how about offering your guests a “Samba” discount during the summer holidays?

Listing a Space…
How it works? – As a host

Let everyone know how gorgeous your space is

It is free to post listings on HOHOJO. Simply click “List A Space” which you can find it at the top corner in every page. You will then be diverted to a page where you have to complete the listing info. Please note that your listing won’t get listed until every single procedure (including required fields) are completed and confirmed by you.

Communicate with guests

We advise you to only accept booking you are comfortable with, therefore, good communication is the key. You will receive messages from guests so take this opportunity to ask questions. Remember, never accept any reservation request if are not confident with, after all, it’s your space.

Don’t worry, all your personal information will NOT be revealed to potential guest until the booking is confirmed.

Accept or decline

You are always in control of your space, once you get a booking inquiry, you will have 24 hours to respond. You can either accept or decline the request, You won’t get penalized if you reject any request, but if you just ignore it, your search ranking will be negatively affected.

Greet your guest and get paid

You are going to meet your new guests! Before their arrival, please make sure your space is well-prepared, for example, providing a local tour guide would be most welcoming. Also, please communicate with your guest before their journey, as guests may not have internet access during their trip.

Rating time

24 hours after the guest’s check-in, you will receive your payout in accordance with the payment method you selected. Please note that a 3% service charge will be deducted from your payout as “HOHOJO Service Fee” per successful booking. Also, you will receive a review notice inviting you to leave your comments regarding your hosting experience, please remember that your sharing means a lot to every HOHOJO users.