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Searching for listings
  • 1. What kinds of listing does HOHOJO provide?

    HOHOJO provides different types of spaces for tenants to select; basically they are categorized into the 3 major types: 1) Space to Live; 2) Space for Work and 3) Space to Travel

    1) Space For Living: It refers to the space for accommodation, generally rented on a long term monthly basis.
    2) Space For Work: It includes any types of workspace, for example, office unit, serviced offices or co-work space.
    3) Space To Travel: This is an accommodation that rented from a host to guest, the major different between “Space to Live” and “Space to Travel” is “Space to Travel” is booked on a nightly rate, and generally it’s for short term rental.

  • 2. How to search a listing?

    To search a listing, first, select the type of listings in HOHOJO front page, then enter the location and click “Search” button.

    You can further narrow down the search results by using the filters located at the right hand side of the result page; save your favorite listing by clicking the “Star” icon. You can also share your favorite listing to social media using the icons at the right top corner in the listing detail page.

  • 1. How do I send and view messages?

    Tenants can make contact with their landlords directly by using our secured conversation platform.

    When sending landlords message for the first time, tenants use "Contact Landlord" button on the listing page to ask questions, and you can check reply in Dashboard. If you have any unread message, you will see an envelope icon at the top of HOHOJO webpage just next to your login name by clicking the envelope icon will bring you to the Dashboard, we will also send you an e-Alert to your registered email as a reminder too.

  • 2. What should I do if I do not receive any reply from Landlord?

    In general circumstances, landlords will reply tenants within 1-2 days, but we understand there may be delay such as landlords may be away from the computer or you two maybe just in different time zone.

    If you don’t hear from your landlord after certain period of time, please message the landlord again or search for another listing if necessary.

  • 3. What happened if I 'Make an offer' to landlord?

    We always think more and beyond, that's why we are not only acting as a mere rental platform, but also provide an online marketplace for landlords and tenants to manage their rental issues.

    When you are interested in a listing, you can send message or even "Make an Offer" to the landlord. An offer is a preliminary offer form containing basic rental information such as "Monthly Rental" and "Terms of Rental", once you've sent an offer to the landlord, possible outcomes includes:

    1) landlord accepts the initial offer; or
    2) revises the terms and make a counter offer to you

    When a landlord sent you a counter offer, you can either 1) accept it or 2) revise the terms and send a counter offer to landlord.

    Please note that an offer would NOT come into force unless both parties has accepted the offer.

    When the offer is confirmed by both parties, your tenant can make payment to you via our online platform - HOHOPAY, please visit HOHOPAY for more details.

  • 1. Is it possible for me to settle rental payment online?

    You can settle your rental payment via our payment platform – HOHOPAY. After the offer is mutually confirmed by you and landlord, you can settle your rental payment by credit card.

    Currently we support the following payments action: (1) Initial Deposit, (2) Further Deposit, (3) First Month Rental and (4) Scheduled Rental Payment. The actual amount paid shall be in accordance with the confirmed offer letter.

  • 2. What is HOHOPAY?

    HOHOPAY is an online platform for landlords and tenants to handle rental payments.

    With HOHOPAY, landlords can collect rental payment online, while tenants can use their credit card to settle payment in just 1 click, what's more, tenants can earn bonus rewards at the meantime.

  • 3. How to pay my rent online?

    If you wish to settle your payment via HOHOPAY, please fill in your payment details including the credit card number and card holder name, we will then collect the amount agreed in the Offer Letter and transfer it to the landlord accordingly, for scheduled rental payment, we will send email notification to you 5 days before the transaction date as a further reminder.